Premium Buyer’s Agent Services For
Profitable Property Investments.

Based in Brisbane, Invision Property offers buyer’s advocate services and helps new buyers, developers, and investors choose the best residential or commercial properties.

Focusing On Serving The Buyer.

The company provides a great variety of services, aiming to help the buyer overcome any difficulty during the purchase process.

Invision Property sources the most suitable properties, including off the market options, based on the customer’s needs and lifestyle budget., and creates a shortlist of those fitting best to the key criteria.

A team of experts evaluates every property and then inspect and negotiate with the sellers to purchase it at the lowest possible price! Invision Property also takes care of the building and renovating procedures by coordinating the building and pest, organizing the working teams, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Professional-Grade Services For Exceptional Results.

Nathan Prasad, Invision Property’s founder, is a buyer’s agent with insightful knowledge and valuable experience on property purchases. Having experienced firsthand what it feels like entering the market with no support and overpaying for a property, he has worked hard to enhance his investing and renovating knowledge and has represented multiple investors and new buyers over the years.

Before starting his career in the field, he had also worked as a building estimator, gaining useful experience that allows him to estimate the costs of building and renovating and better cope with structural issues.

Personally Handling Every Case.

The company never handles more than five briefs at a time, as Nathan wishes to work directly with all the customers, dedicating the company’s time and resources to their interests.

The Invision Property Mission

Invision Property’s mission is to conduct the appropriate due diligence and ensure that the buyers will make the best decision without letting emotional purchase cloud their judgment and lead them to costly mistakes. Whether it’s a new buyer, an investor, or a family looking for a new home, Nathan and his team have the experience and skills to save their time and money!

For more information about the company’s services, feel free to schedule a consultation call so you can discuss your requirements with no charge or further commitments!